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DUBAI – United Arab Emirates 4K. Top attractions in DUBAI
Burj Khalifa
At the Top Burj Khalifa
Jumeirah Beach
Atlantis the Palm
Burj Al Arab
Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai Marina
Dubai Mall
Dubai Creek
Souk Madinat Jumeirah
Dubai Museum

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manzanaresantonio says:

I have travelled to most of the world's best cities, but Dubai is the most overrated place on the planet.
There's no much to see, just the Marina, The Burj Khalifa , restaurants, a bunch of malls and the dessert Safari, that's all.
It is extremely hot outside during the day, which limtis your outdoors activities in the daytime.
Visit places like Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong which offers a lot more in cultural attractions, better weather and open minded people!!

Rebeka Jóvérné Tar says:


petko petkov says:

18.10 – 10.40 wonderful

Shivam Mishra says:

wow it's amazing

Tyl Sorkalla says:

11:25 bless you

jeanjean l.c says:

magic country, amazing, congratulation

Umi Yati says:

Amazing! Hope someday we can visit there with Fam ya Robby

david perets says:

see this is to see the future! big wowwww!!

Marcela Bouzova says:

Dubai moc pěkné beautiful

Billy O'Meara says:

Brilliant video. Well Done.

Mohd Bin Muhammad Asah Bt Muhammad says:

Wow sungguh cantik Dubai bertaraf dunia bersih dan moden mengalah kan negara Singapura

Aviation World says:

Great video

Ayiensky Ayiensky says:

Kesegaran beriadah bercuti pembangunan pembangunan keindahan kecantikan …islam utk muslim dn muslimah ..

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