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HEY RAFIKIS! i spent a few days in Dubai and here are my highlights of my trip. It was so much fun! especially the desert safari, camel rides, and so much more!!! Subscribe if youre new 🙂


_ dubai
_ desert safari
_ bur dubai

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Edited on: iMovie
Equipment: Canon m50

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Fatma Bashamakh says:

I so loved the vlog farhana!way to gooo rafiki!

أبو أبو says:

How come you never speak to the people in Arabic?

Dragon Sufi says:

What is rafiki?

shantédidathing says:

I am literally uploading my Dubai video right now and this one got recommended to me. hahahaha. youtube knows what i like.

Khalid Pattayil says:

Masha Allah

Gani Sidi says:

In fact Dubai is a very good city.

sacdiya Ally says:

Well i was like are yoi in dubai or mumbai

Simon Joseph says:

Nice trip…

Shika Gounder says:

Hey love, I am going Dubai late September, what company or website did you use for the desert safari. Sounds like a good package

Nazma Chowdury says:

Insightful video. Cant wait.
I am coming to duabi in August to celebrate my daughter's 20th birthday. How much would safari cost pp.

Joy Liz says:

Love it gal

Amina Abubakar says:

Safi sana rafiki

Ashwaag Karama says:

Come again in winter and enjoy even better..visit Abudhabi as well

halma mudy video's says:

Dubai is beautiful.. nice video Rafiki

Wacu Ndirangu says:


Mercyline Muga says:

I hope to do a vlog with you in near future

Ibtisam Hijabeefied says:

The heena lady seemed soooo fast… that skill!

Aliya Asli says:

Ugh I love Dubai

salim machila says:

Must be frying with the temperature now on desert safari

Qaasim Mohamed Yusuf says:

Masha Allah Mss farhana

Sufaij I'm says:

Please explore ras al khaimah

GoldenBoy says:

You are basically walking in a desert and feeling cool-whats so good about that?

Abdulhakim Amer says:

Water Taxi is amazing…

uthman Ali says:

Masha Allah Dubai is beautiful, thanks Rafiki pay a visit to Qatar also pls…

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