Dubai Travel Vlog 2021

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Dubai Travel Vlog 2021
Visiting Dubai

Dubai, one of the seven united Arab emirates of the eponymous small country on the Arabian Peninsula, really leaves an impression with all its splendor and unique buildings. Traveling to Dubai is traveling to the city of contrasts where the vibrancy of a modern metropolis and the traditional desert life are intertwined. Read the following article and discover the top travel tips for Dubai.
What are Dubai’s major natural landmarks?

Dubai is surrounded by endless dunes, which you simply have to see. The desert landscape that surrounds the city is beautiful. Set out on a wild ride in the dunes as part of the morning safari, while bathed in the morning sun. If you want, you can take a solo journey around the dunes either on a quad bike or a sandboard. Of course, there’ll be lots of time available for you to enjoy the desert and taking photos. On the safari, you’ll be guided on quad bikes by experienced guides. To top it all off, traditional coffee and camel riding in true Bedouin style await in the end. The tour is part of the GetYourGuide Originals which, in addition to the 7% discount HI members are entitled to at each booking, also means a refund in case you’re not satisfied. And that’s not all – you can reschedule your tour to whatever date you wish for free.
Which cities should you visit in Dubai?

Marvel at Dubai’s landmarks from high up. An unforgettable view awaits in Burj Khalifa, up on the 125th floor of the world’s tallest building. The world’s fastest lift will take you to all the way up to the viewing platform. The top gives a view of the Dubai Fountain show, which moves in sync with the music that’s being played at the viewing platform. You can get a better experience of the fountain show while on a traditional Arab boat called “abra”, sailing over Burj Khalifa Lake. The boat will take you past every major landmark, all the way to the best spot to view the fountain show. Admire the spectacle of 6,000 lights, 25 colour projectors and 83,000 litres of water. Another way to enjoy the view of Dubai’s landmarks is to enter Ain Dubai, the world’s largest Ferris wheel. It measures 250 metres high. I really recommend choosing the ticket that lets you enjoy the ride at sunset. From the wheel, all the most important tourist spots in Dubai can be viewed from a different perspective.
What to do in Dubai?

Dubai is a city of entertainment. And of the ways to have fun is visiting La Perle by Dragone, a show where 65 performers, from actors to acrobats, show their skills. Performers dive into the pool and fly through the air. La Perle is located in the centre of Dubai, in the Al Habtoor City hotel complex. There are lots of tourist attractions in the city, so it’s worth combining multiple tickets. This is exactly what the following offer entails – you can enter Dubai’s two best water attractions with a single 1-day ticket. Enjoy the adrenaline water slide rides in the Aquaventure water park and talk to the marine animals at the Lost Chambers aquarium. You’re in for more than twenty water slides and over 65,000 marine animals.
Where to see the old Dubai?

Dubai, however, is still a city with a history, despite all its modern attractions. You can make sure about that at the Dubai Museum, which is located in the 18th-century Al-Fahidi fortress. The walls were built using traditional coral boulders. The upper floor is supported by wooden poles and the ceiling consists of palm fronds, mud and plaster. The first villages were built on the banks of the Dubai Creek as early as 4,000 years ago. Now you can observe sailors loading and unloading cargo onto and from traditional boats. They also often invite you to their homes. You can take a walk through the 19th-century Al-Fahidi district as well. Rich merchants from Persia used to trade here once. Here, you can explore the many old houses that have wind towers, which are efficient air-conditioning units. The most beautiful among the mosques is the Jumeirah Mosque. The stone building was built in the Fatimid style and boasts two minarets. It’s especially charming in the evening when it’s lit by spotlights.
Where to stay in Dubai?

I recommend booking the Dubai B, which is located ten minutes from the airport and is an excellent spot if you want to exchange life experience with other travellers. The hostel has its own café, a garden and special family rooms. There’s also a tennis court, as well as a beach and a swimming pool.
What is the best guide book for Dubai?

Lonely Planet offers the best travel guide books for Dubai. You can choose the typical guide book which also contains some information about the neighbouring Abu Dhabi, or buy the pocket version with information exclusively about Dubai. HI members also get 20% off every book purchase.

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