Dubai Food Vlog| New Bangladeshi Spice House Restaurant in Ajman |Bangladeshi food must try in Ajman

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#DubaiVloggerRaya | Dubai Food Vlog | رمضان مبارک 2021 | We tried this time Bangladeshi food in one of the best places to eat in Ajman & came with another restaurant review in Ajman. As promised to have a dedicated Dubai food tour during this Ramadan 2021, this Ajman food vlog episode will surely wobble your gastronomy.

Spice House restaurant Ajman is newly opened Bangladeshi restaurant in Ajman. Spice House restaurant is known best for Indian Bangladeshi and Pakistani desi food in Ajman. Our coverage was though on limited Bangladeshi food cuisines only during pre Ramadan 2021, Why do you not try Dawat e Iftar buffet party with Bangladeshi Pakistani food in Ajman Spice house in this Ramadan 2021?

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Episode 43 Blurb:

রসেবসে বাঙালির ভোজ প্রেম | বাঙালি মানেই খাই খাই | With that said again, this Ramadan Iftar Vlog is showcasing another Bengali Bangladeshi Pakistani food restaurant review in Ajman on newly opened Spice House Restaurant Ajman.
For Pakistani food lovers, they are keeping few best kebab and desi food in Ajman wherein for us who are lazy in driving however craving for Bengali food in Ajman in this Ramadan 2021 month, destination should be Spice House Bangladeshi restaurant in Ajman. You’ll surely not repent.

They keep different types of Bangladeshi vorta or ভর্তা and few remarkable are আলু ভর্তা and ডিম্ ভর্তা. Also, their must try Pakistani food in Ajman was sherry fish curry and Chicken karahi pakistani style.
Spice House Restaurant
Spice House Ajman Restaurant Al Rashidiya 3
☎️ 06 546 2620
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This Episode is in bangla, Bengali vlog from Dubai.

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