Dubai | Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve | Al Maha (Arabian Oryx) moves around the desert. Updated for 2023

Updated: May 16, 2023

The Arabian Oryx is uniform white, while the flank stripe is absent or only an indistinct smudge. The lower limbs are a chocolate brown to black with the exception of pure white patterns. The face and nose have dark patches and there is often a dark stripe that runs under the neck to the forelegs. In summer dark patches are lighter and often absent altogether. Calves are a uniform brown colour.

Among the many local names used to describe the Arabian Oryx is Al Maha. Female Oryx weigh about 80 kg and males about 90 kg. Occasionally males may reach 100 kg. In good grazing conditions Oryx may live to 20 years. In drought life expectancy is greatly reduced.