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Dubai Desert Safari "Golden Gates"

What is included in the rate?
• Pickup in 4×4 Land cruisers.
• Photo stop in the dunes for pictures.
• Dune bashing for 30 minutes (approximately)
• Welcome to the camp with Arabic tea, coffee, and dates.
• Falcon show & falcon display at the campsite.
• Camel riding & sand boarding, Henna painting
• Arabic traditional dress photo booth (suspended at the moment)
• Starters & appetizers : Shawarma & Falafel.
• Access to Shisha Lounge.
• Dinner buffet including BBQ & unlimited water/juices
• Entertainment – Belly dance, Yula dance, Tanura dance, and
surprise show.
• Drop off at the hotel.

What is not included in the rate?
• Alcohol will be on consumption or on an hourly basis package.
• Retail shops – souvenir, sand art & photo service are as per the purchase

Pickup will be done by Toyota Land Cruisers from the respective Hotels between 15:00 and 16:00. The Travel Time from Dubai to the Desert is
approximately 45 minutes. Once you reach the meeting point, observe the Safari Guides preparing the cars. The first half of Dune Bashing is about to
start. Hold on and enjoy – Our professional drivers will unleash the power of the King of the Desert, the Toyota Land Cruiser, and maneuver you
through the Dunes uniquely and unforgettably. After approximately 15 minutes there will be a break. In the break, you have the chance to take
breathtaking Panorama pictures in the desert. After approx. 15 minutes, the convoy will continue with the second part of the fun filled Dune Bashing
till you reach the Campsite in the middle of the Desert.
Upon arrival, you have immediately the opportunity to do several activities:
– CAMEL RIDING ON THE DUNE : (an absolute must do) – hold on well to your camel and get lifted high in the air. You will be able to walk safely
one short round with a camel guide and bring you safely back to the departure point. Also, Camel Facts are placed in the area in case you want to
learn something about these amazing and elegant ships of the desert.
– FALCON SHOW: the show starts before Sunset. Have a seat on the pillows prepared for your comfort, or simply sit in the warm sand and get close
to the fascinating world of Falconry. A professional falconer will give you a walkthrough of the hunting techniques of Bedouins and simulate a hunting
flight with a beautiful grown-up Falcon. After the Show, the Falcon will be on Display inside the campsite, and you can take as many pictures as you
– SAND BOARDING: One of the funniest activities in the camp. Try your Sand Boarding Skills – our Team has professional Sandboards prepared for
you, but don’t worry, it is not getting too fast, and everybody can try it.
The Campsite:
We welcome you to our beautiful and authentic Bedouin Desert Camp with a laid-out Red Carpet for your comfort and great Arabic fusion beats. At
the entrance, you will be received with Rose Water (Bedouin way of refreshment and handwash based on rose water) and of course the famous Arabic coffee with Dates. Also, Tea is available. Are you already a little bit Hungry? Then please proceed to our very own Arabic Bread Bakery, where we will
bake in front of your eyes, delicious and fresh bread, which you can transform further into a tasty Shawarma at our Shawarma Station or mix it up
with Falafel. All over the camp, you will discover Water Stations and Fresh Juice dispensers. We thought about giving you only the best, therefore we
put all our efforts into providing you with freshly made Lemon mint and Hibiscus Iced Tea. The Safari Guide will be there to assist you in finding also your
Table for the evening, where you get comfortable and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the camp.
Activities in the Camp:
HENNA ART: just next to the Welcome Area, you will find our Henna Artist, doing the most amazing Henna Art you can imagine in seconds. It is not
only fascinated by the speed she realizes this art in your hand, but also the smell of the authentic Henna Products which will look great especially the
next day and a must-do experience.
SHISHA EXPERIENCE: one of the most popular activities…just stretch your legs, get comfortable in our Shisha Lounge, and enjoy the hubbly bubbly
prepared by our Shisha Master in charge of your well-being.
Shows in the camp:
The famous local Youla Dance will be presented to you on stage – our enthusiastic dancers will also invite you to get learn some moves of this very
traditional Emirati dance. A fulfilled and cultural moment.
The art of Tanura Dance live on stage – the most impressive dance spiraling the dancer for minutes into a stage of spiritual kind. The beautiful costume
and accessories are adding to the spectacle, so keep your cameras ready for the surprise moment during the show.
Surprise Show – please have your cameras ready for a magic moment –
DRESS CODE: Casual (short trousers/skirts/sandals/comfortable)