Dubai Desert Safari Camping – One Of the Best Thing To Do In Dubai Camp AlGhubaiba Part 1

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Discover What Are Dubai Folks Customs are. Watch and Join us here at Al Ghbaiba Camp Dubai

Joins us Discover The Arab Safari Lifestyle here. Spend the afternoon in observing the old tradition of Dubai’s customer and tradition. Enjoy an evening with entertainment and dinner of best Dubai food. A recommended travel package for those who wants to have a taste of Dubai Desert Safari life style. It is an afternoon and evening event you will experience inside a desert safari camp here in Dubai, UAE.

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rose magtana says:

Daming Tao at nice Ng tanawin

Tina Amore Channel says:

Beautiful desert place

CarZel says:

ganito pala ang mukha ng lugar na Dubai Dessert Safari

Fe Salazar says:

I love Dubai Ganda ng place

Makatang Gina says:

Beautiful place I've never seen in personal.

darling nadz says:

Gusto ko ring mag experience nyan,,,saan po ba yan

ToTo ILonggo Blog says:

Ang ganda masarap maligo newbie here

Tol Vlogs says:

Beautifull place

What Ever R says:

ang ganda naman
ng place dyan brow

Ilongga's Kitchen says:

Ganda ng paligid po.

Whelmind says:

Ganda jan idol unahan n kita igan

EMC Channel says:

Nice place,, naunahan n kita,, pasipa nlng bahay ko

ConnieAriola Vlogs says:

ang ganda.thanks for sharing.Godbless

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