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Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo| The Dubai Mall | Dubai After Lockdown| Dubai 2021 | Dubai part-6

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Rishi Singh sandilya says:

Sardar ji mast video hai aise he lage rahiye.
Jai shri ram, sat shri akaal

leyel 456 says:

Bro i want to meet you in Dubai, i am here in Dubai.


Only thing about ur vlogs is it feels we r in ur place..

Karışık Kafa says:

Your camera quality has improved

eski syf says:

I'm also going to dubai from delhi to dubai on 20/12/20 so just watching some information


5:18 he sounds like the man


Coronavirus mt le ana

Farhan vlogs says:

DUBAI ❤ nice vlog brother✌

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