Cycle through The Walk at JBR Dubai in 4K

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A cycle around the JBR The Walk. You can’t cycle on the beach side due to security guys dotted around the JBR. I have no idea why as cycle hire is dotted around the entire JBR.

The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence is one of the major attractions of Dubai with a variety of hotels, restaurants, shopping opportunities and beachside activities.


علي الأمين says:

Thanks for your sharing this video amazing city

Alice Simple Life TV says:

Your subscription went to Spam

GIA super says:

im proud of being part of this wonderful place during construction…that was 2007 when i left in this project…now 2019 and still remember those great times when i was in JBR PROJECT…from ph with love!

Kungfu Panda says:

Is this homeland of Terrorist ?? Lol, stupid. Eat that propaganda.

Marina says:

Is this 2090

manndol nawawi says:

Christian your not welcome to Muslim countries because your terrorist

Ajeesh Pariyarath says:

Nice I love cycling

رمزي يتكلم والكلّ يتعلم says:

دبي بلد بدون روح . صار عندهم تغيير بالمال و بدون تطور في العقل

Wan Jaapar says:

I feel a bit dizzy when watching this but it's awesome, do you live there?

karina Hayas says:

Do u suggest me to move from uk to Dubai for good?

N A says:

Cool vidoe, but I think you missed the best and the main part which is along the beach. It is almost 1km long, full of restaurants and coffee shops.

abderrahim ben says:

DUBAI pradise on the desert

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