Craziest CAMPING In DUBAI desert, CAMEL RACE Track 🔥🔥 Real Desert Life Experience Updated for 2022

Updated: December 29, 2022

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We went for picnic at Fossil Rocks early morning with parents and kids, it was amazing sunrise experience and enjoyed tea with first rays of the sun, such an mind blowing experience. there’s was a camel race track nearby and we went there to have a look on the practice sessions over there. overall very memorable experience.

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Fossil Rock in Sharjah is impressive and rugged. Named after wonderfully preserved marine invertebrate fossils that can be found on its slopes. Up above, apart from breathtaking scenery, such a hostile and barren landscape is truly astonishing. It is a landscape of sheer vastness of the desert meeting veritable treasure – geological trove.

If you have ever driven Sharjah-Kalba highway you will know what an interesting journey it is. Stopping by to take the photos of spectacular mountain ridge-line rising out of the desert is only scratching the surface of what the area has to offer.

In order to understand why we can find so many marine invertebrate fossils around Fossil Rock, it is necessary to look at the geology of this place. 70 millions years ago volcanic activity formed Hajar mountains, in the United Arab Emirates standing nearly 2,000 metres above sea level. These mountains were still partly covered by the sea and the evidence is found in the beds of sedimentary rocks, in particular limestone. In the shallow bays of warm sea between the mountain tops, a unique diversity of invertebrate animals existed, ranging from sea urchins to gastropods and corals

Right next to geological phenomenon of Fossil Rock, there are important archaeological sites in Mleiha from the Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Bronze, Iron, pre-Islamic, Islamic and modern ages. Mleiha’s archeological value derives from the earliest human settlers 130,000 years ago. The traces that they left uncovered during excavations provide nowadays an archeological treasure – propounding concrete evidence that Mleiha was indeed a cradle for civilization

There are numerous hiking route options around Fossil Rock that will allow you to reach the plateau at the top. The summit is a rugged cliff that begs for you to stand on it and experience nature’s sheer beauty and power, surrounded by breathtaking views of the desert. If you drive 4×4 car, you may park it here: 25°08’39.1″N 55°50’06.2″E and start climbing the steep slope to the top.

There is plenty of space with spectacular view around Fossil Rock to set up your camp. If you do not have 4×4 car, you can camp in this area, close to the road: 25°08’44.2″N 55°52’01.1”E. It is a nice area overviewing the desert and Fossil Rock in the background. If you drive 4×4 car, you can choose the side closer to the highway, where the sand fades away and the ground is covered with gravel: 25°09’52.9″N 55°50’32.1″E.

It is a landscape of ever-changing endless dunes that are so inviting to drive through with your 4×4 car. The area around Fossil Rock is especially a popular site for off-roaders. More about off-roading in this region

A few decades ago, Dubai was nothing but a fishing and pearling town along the creek. Life was tough in this harsh desert. They reared sheep and goats for food and wool. Wool was a necessity during winters. They used falcons for hunting and horses for wars. But above all, one animal became an integral part of their daily life. If not for these beasts, it would have been impossible for them to survive the desert. I am talking about the camel — the ship of the desert.

There are two predominant theories as to why they are called the ‘ship of the desert’. One theory suggests that it was because of the way they walked, swaying side to side like a ship on a tumultuous sea.

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