Cheap Gold in Dubai / Dubai Gold Market / No making Charges / Dubai Gold Souk / dubai gold market

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Hi everyone, this video will provide each and every information regarding Dubai Gold Market including making charges, gold prices, purity of gold and customs, if you are willing to buy gold from Dubai than this video is a must watch. This is my first ever informative vlog. Being a News Anchor i would not only provide Vlogs on my channel rather you will find my vlogs informative also.
i Hope you enjoy the video. Ta Ta

PLEASE NOTE: Thanks to my LOYAL subscribers who corrected me and now i am updating here, the time i was dere in Dubai Gold Price was 144. AED per /gram and not per 10 grams. I will always love to provide authentic information in my vlogs that is why updating this info in description. Lots of love

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Arsalan Arsalan says:

This shop mobile phone number

Kartik Mistri says:

144 nehi 1440 hoga madam

knightdxb says:

aed 15 per gram is very expensive ….normally they charge 12 aed per gram at romaizan showrooms…
no making charge showroom is actually used gold

kaushal sharma says:

Your face is glowing

King FAISAl says:

App b gold say b super gold ho

King FAISAl says:

Kya bat hay free main mazay ya

Anand Paswan says:

Your hair is more beautiful than you.. if you don't mind.. I just fall in love with your hairs

veerpal kaur says:

Custom duty pa kitna pay karma pasta h

veerpal kaur says:

India ka according Kya price ha ten gram please

Santosh Jadhav says:

In Indian rs 10 gram prise

Abhijeet Kuila says:

Pure gold ek hi hota h
India me v hai halmark only

Mahfuz Alam says:

Jagah kaun sa hai

spooks1982 says:

What is the name of the shop that does not charge making charges?

Vivek Patwa says:

Penhnwalo naseeb

nasir riyaz says:

U Luk so stunning

Simran Hemakshi says:

Very good info

Feena ruben says:

Hey… wht is the name of the shop?

Kiran Bala says:

Shop name plz

Ankur Chhari says:

Very informative and precise.. thanks

Sachin Rana says:

144 AED per 10 Gram????
For 22 karat please deal karwado…..

Alotumi Vlogs says:

Hi Pallavi. Could i get your Email ? Since u have blog for Gold video. I would need to explore regarding gold trading would be helpful by you…. thanks

Shirin Shabz says:

What is the name of the jewelry shop?

akshay. chaturvedi says:

Aap USA dikhao

Jyothi N says:

Sister ak dhen ayaga

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