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Burj Dubai, worlds tallest building… then the Call To Prayer started.. so cool, loved it!! Feel free to have a look at me and my Mums page on FB X


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Piotruś_Pjet says:

Fucking islam stfuuu

icalaks says:

Dumai= selamat dunia & akhirat

mohd izwan says:

long live islam

Gbn Bbb says:


ilyaas rahimi says:

These white people shouldn't be shocked. Dubai is a Muslim place. So they HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO THE PRAYER.

fred durst says:

I HAVE A DARE FOR MUSLIMS WHEN YOU GO TO PRAY TODAY SAY JESUS CHRIST IF YOU ARE BIGGER THAN ALLAH THE GOD THAT I SERVE THAN PROVE IT TO ME TODAY if you are a daring muslim say that and than reply to me and tell me what happened.

ALLAH Prophet Muhammod says:


Hunzala Qureshi says:

Subhan allah

Omar Nasir says:

UAE is a fake Muslim country.Literally it’s against Pakistan.

Olivia C. says:

I am a Christian but I love the Islamic religion!! My friend Karma or her Arabic name Karrouma, lived in Dubai. Now she lives in America with me. She is a Muslim and she is the sweetest person I have ever met. I appreciate Muslims so much. Praise god and everyone to be happy and be whatever religion they please to be! Any belief is beautiful. God bless everyone and all human kind/ different religions!❤️❤️

Mohamed Ziyaau says:

magical ❤️

* Ahmad says:

I'm Muslim and I hate Terrorists because all Terrorists are Devils, they'll go to hell.

jahangir s says:

Thanks sister for upload this video…. Love.. peace… and respect for you sister

Kowthar Salah says:

Dubai is city muslim country

Ayman Alkamel says:

بسم الله ما شاء الله
انا مش بحسد
بس ازاى الامارات بقت كده بالجمال والتطور ده ومصر بقت كده؟؟!!!!!!

Ganiyu Mohammed Abdul says:

Oh Allah king of Universe thank yo for making me Muslim and please kindly guide me because You have the better guidance Yaa Allah

Omar Alanzi says:

Allah is the greatest ❤

abbasdwd 93 says:

people used to built tall towers to reach heavens and I'm thinking about that when I'm watching this video

Hizam saleh says:

لا إله إلا الله

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