Burj Khalifa New Year Firework 2018 – Live Stream

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Official Burj Khalifa Downtown Dubai New Year Firework Show 2018 Live Stream in HD.

Don’t forget to watch the stunning firework show and an attempt of Guinness World Record.

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TechnoGenuine says:

Skip to 3:42:30 – no fireworks but lightning as a new concept also a world record

Rory Sullivan says:

4 hour vid and no fireworks..? Bullshit vid

Sunny punjab says:

Not nice dubai verry bad

hendra pandi says:

is there anything that can help my family's financial problem and will give help ???
i'm Muslim from indonesia

mohd sayeed anwer says:

mad mad mad mad mad mad mad uploaded

sheriff 9 says:

Masha Allah

Wilmox says:

clickbait, no firework what a scam

Андрей Кашубин says:

Ебаная параша, а не видео. Место только на серверах занимает.

TechnoGenuine says:

Still in trending #Dubai <3

Rio Olio says:

I make a vlog about it! I was an epic show! You guys must see it live!

Japan Videography says:

Happy new year!

mohammed obed says:

شتركوا عندي بردها

jeek Butayev says:

Uzbekistan love

Adam Alnajar says:

i love new year

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