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View of one of the Royal Suite of Burj Al Arab in Dubai, 780 square meter located on the 25th floor of the most luxurious Hotel in the World, with its 7 stars rating ! We visited Royal Suite on my 43rd birthday occasion and were lucky enough to stay for 1 night in the Panoramic Suite number 1212, 12th floor. This Hotel is must to live personally once in your life, believe me 😉

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Ryan Ireland says:

Looks like my grandmother's living room ( it's gross and tacky )

ARBear Arkansas says:

Worst music for this kind of video

Omayma Mokrani says:


Prateek Garg says:

This is paradise …Only good ppl earn right to live there

pretty but psycho says:

I've never feel so cheap in my entire life before…

Azhar Azhar says:

you are so rich

Onur Elderturk says:

very bad taste. Money doesn't buy aesthetics, people create it

Rascal356000 says:

I was one here years ago.

dambigfoot says:

Just takes 1 base ball bat and 1 pissed off American to fuck some Arab luxury up. Im the type of person that would go here and smash all the shit in the room and wouldn't care because all they can do is deport me.

Jose Perez says:

Hardwell was there!

Rafael Bayerri says:

I'll take that…

cameronpaul says:

Royal Suite? Well I guess it would be in one of the Gulf States. Monument to bad taste, total kitsch – yuk!

Oliver Ballam says:

it is not a full review, very misleading…. head over to my channel for a Burj Al Arab Panoramic Suite in 4K with commentary

MJoyce Yen says:

You are so good looking otterboris

K Gaming says:

Awesome video:)

David Najor says:

Once again, the décor is very garish and vulgar.    Not quietly sophisticated or beautiful.     Frankly I'm a bit surprised and disappointed.

Helljumper91 says:

As much as I love certain aspects of this suite, I have to say the color palate and the patterns on both the floor and ceiling irritate me. The yellow floor around the main staircase is absolutely horrible and distracts from the well designed golden dragon railing, and the pattern and color of the living room makes it seem even more cluttered than it already is. Also, the bedrooms are a bit too big for my taste (yeah its a pretty stupid complaint, but I like more cozy feeling bedrooms).

Having said that, I wish I could stay in a place like this.

world wanderer says:

really don't understand why you chose that music(annoying) the suite is impressive in it's roominess, and  lavish décor..really does remind one of the Emirates Airlines first class seating, lovely but a bit over done.

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