Burj Al Arab Dubai – The World’s Most Luxurious Hotel HD

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Burj Al Arab (Dubai)
The world’s only 7 star hotel soaring high like the sail of a huge masted Dhow, the futuristic tower of this spectacular hotel is a landmark as exclusive as it is unique. Burj Al Arab is the world’s tallest hotel building. With its helipad on the 28th floor and a restaurant seemingly suspended in mid-air, this hotel has already become an icon on the Dubai skyline. An all suite hotel, Burj Al Arab comprises 202 duplex accommodations. Convenience, luxury and a highly personalised service are available for every guest, enhanced by private reception desks on every floor.

In suite check-in, a brigade of exclusive butlers who provide around the clock assistance to each and every guest and unrivalled attention will charm the visitor. All suites feature floor to ceiling windows offering breathtaking views of the sea and come equipped with the latest technology including lap top computers and internet access. The finest materials have been sourced from around the globe, coming together in exquisitely designed and crafted interiors.

Dining is a unique experience, from Al Mahara – the underwater seafood restaurant reachable by a three minute submarine voyage! – to Al Iwan restaurant – located at the heart of the world’s tallest atrium.

Health and fitness facilities reflect the splendour of ancient civilisations, its unique location lets guests enjoy spectacular views from the pools and therapy rooms.

In an exceptional setting, traditions of Arabic hospitality are combined with the latest technology to provide a monument for the millennium.

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SJP Hospitality Services says:

This hotel looks amazing,very luxurious and every need is catered for.

juan ernesto Guillen says:

Me encanta este hotel,cómo hago para ir allí ,vivo en Córdoba Argentina.

Shaikh Abrar says:

If this is 7 star hotel i can't even imagine how the heavens would be …..o god make us from the righteous people to enter in it.

Nitin Singh says:

beautiful music

Ashraf Shahriar Khan says:

One night stay cost of this hotel can feed 10 families for a year in the third world countries! WOW!

Mack Hope says:

Never been to a hotel never fucking will….

Asad Zaidi says:

song name plz ?

Wan MuhammadSyakirin says:

It was Islamic hotel

Charlotte Beaulé says:

I love the little funny parts jokes they put in it! 🙂

Diana Marcela Castañeda says:

That place is amazing, it's like being in a dream. I hope someday my life to know that special and beautiful land . Greetings from Colombia. 🙂

Stinn Spidy says:

Music name?

tom Sales says:

you got the ratio wrong you slave driving pricks.

cristian N N says:

as the song is called ?

The Patriotic Nobody says:

Looks amazing. Btw assholes who talk shit about the rich.. A lot of them got there through hard work. Don't be jealous you're not smart enough/hard working enough to do it yourself. You want to be that rich, go earn it! By no means am I rich but… I will be someday through hard work and dedication.

Angel Grimaldo says:

Próxima parada

Feedz T says:

Meanwhile people around the world dieing and suffering

Feedz T says:

That swimming looked creepy and that little girl seemed lonely playing with cushions. This is shit.

Al J says:

Damn. Heaven DOES exist.
But you gotta be this rich and this beautiful to get there.

Letthemanliveformusic says:

Ahhh the perfect video right before my 5:30 to 4 pm job.

Trevor Metke says:

Feed the poor with all of that money rich billonare losers

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