Burj Al Arab 7 Star Hotel – OFFICIAL DVD

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The Burj Al Arab is the tallest hotel in the world at over 1,000 feet. Every room is 2 stories high and 1800+ sq. ft. and comes with your own private butler on call 24/7. A one night stay ranges from $2,000 – $25,000 or more. The restaurants of the Burj Al Arab are amazing too. I ate at the Al Mahara restaurant during my stay there, and while the bill was a little high at $700, the food and atmosphere made it all worth it! On my way out leaving the hotel my butler was nice enough to bring me the exclusive and official Burj Al Arab DVD that plays throughout the hotel. What an amazing and magical place!

Incredible Video!




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Mike Grisch says:

the closest thing to heaven on earth

Louisa Jürgens says:

best hotel of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciara Ward says:

amazinng 🙂
Love Dubai, Love it, Love it

Colorado Ski Authority says:

Nobody gives out 7 stars. they give that rating to themselves. Nothing but good marketing.

peace4harmony says:

this is what i'm talking about

Schiks150587 says:

Alguien podria decirme como se llama la cancion del video???
Someone can tell me what is the name of the song's video???

Gerard Romeu says:

I love this hotel

Kevin Kurian says:

I got a VIP tour there in the Club Suite. Awesome and i think 1200 dollars a night is not bad when you eat gold in one of the restaurants or stay in a suite bigger in square meter than an average house!

blu3lant3rn says:

I actually stayed there for a week and it cost 50,000

Brent Lee says:

1000 doallers a night the cheapiest suite most expinsive is about 7000 a night the royal suite

Brady Lawrence says:

by the way i love this hotel it is my favorite and you feel that the world is at your fingert tips their trust me.

Brady Lawrence says:

yeah its expensive but, you get what
you pay for. If you want the Best of the Best then you better be ready to spin some cash.

thelaurels13 says:

The cheapest suite in the hotel is $4000 per night, and that's the cheapest.

Lou says:

I wish one day I can go there
But it is EXtremely expensive

David Ekstrom says:

I'm not sure the name of this song, but I similar song is called
"Tu Jahan" by "Salaam Namaste" it's good too

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