Boomerango Water Slide at Iceland Water Park

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Boomerango water park slide at Iceland water park in Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

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Maddie Zieglerfan123 says:

I am telling the truth it is in Dubai ras al kaima it’s cold like the in Arabic but I don’t know the spelling in English

Maddie Zieglerfan123 says:

I went there and I went to this slide I was amazing

Huniyadi Bellia says:

ayo, tambahkan video baru.

Kawaii Hello Squishy says:

wow i'am liked

Sariah Bedu says:

wow water slide i like because water slide best

Teoman Demirel says:

That women trys to scream hard lol

Luisa Maran Molero says:


Viana Burt says:

who else thought the girl was really annoying

killer boss711 says:

faut faire des films en vidéo

payy yo gurl says:

is it cold there?

sunshine says:

Not a lot of people there

Lacey Shadows says:

0:09 haa fart sound

SyncedDJ says:

I think Singapore's Wild Wild Wet version of the boomerang is more scary

Jian Huang says:

Is that girl your wife

-我爱钟辰乐 says:

I think it would even be more fun without the salbabida

elmin82 says:

the girl scream like she have an orgasm…

Cyro says:

was that girl someone u know? XD

Kamal Thimmiah says:

At last you dint use dangerous

TheCrazedMan 685 says:

id be screaming all the way down XD
i want to go on it nice vids BTW

Jesikka Martinez says:

is that your wife

Zlinzy says:

I went on it man

moody says:

Is this at Iceland or UAE?

Bella Ewers says:

that looks so fun. You should go to Wild Island Waterpark in Sparks,Nevada it is really fun there. xD

BradisHere says:

That's not scary so why scream

Remmie Norman says:

where is that at

Eman Sadiq says:

Wath day for girl

rebecca oliver says:

I've been on this its rlly good

HR1 says:

The instruction at the beginning last longer then the ride itself ^^

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