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Dubai’s Most Luxurious and Expensive activities attract multi-millionaires and billionaires from around the world but are these 5 star experiences worth it? For one week, Katy and I tried the best of Dubai from the Most Expensive Hotel in UAE, the Atlantis Bridge Suite at 27,000 USD a night to taking out a ultra luxury yacht around the Palm and Dubai Marina. Filmed in Dubai 2018 – All Prices in USD

How to Travel Dubai Affordably:

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Rakeebat Naleer says:

Imagine you spend this on people who don’t have a place to live. would have given you like for this video

Low Elo HighLights says:

lay n3al 7ayat mi

Nuts says:

too much luxury, im going to throw up lol

qwertyuiop asdfghjkl says:

Stop floss please

825Gabe says:

thats a very forward stingray my sir

Love love says:

Who cares about where Kim Kardashian stayed? Some idiots like her cares

Whywwwaaa Wuh? says:

Maybe a high priced personal trainer to help u squat that flabby skank ass into something actually worth staring at?

Primal Rage says:

It's. It $27000 a day

Rahul Shah says:

Song at 7:39?

TJO says:

Imagine the tank breaking when you are fast asleep…fuck that noise.

Jdjs Hajaj says:

Y'all spent the same amount of money Mr beast spends a week

SMALLS _YT says:

Who I was in Dubai I actually stayed in the tallest hotel room in the world in the Marriott

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