amazing burj Khalifa fireworks 2012 downtown burj dubai

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its really nice fireworks in 2012 burj khalifa dubai we love dubai.

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Ali Khan

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History Channel: Fanfic says:

I am sure dislikers of this one are Iranians hating Dubai and forsaking them.

Anam Begg says:

i was there last year! the atmosphere was electric. Everyone should go there during new years, its brilliant.:D 

Jed Lee Chua says:

Wow amazing… I love dubai

Jack Lee says:

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Adeel Ahmed says:

yh its 2012 dumb ass

diamonddog257 says:

I would have really enjoyed setting up the pyro all over that building….NOT!…….what an incredible display….

elaine obeid says:

WOW thats amazing fireworks!! <3 <3

hasbi abi says:

masya 4LLI I
kapan ya monas sprt ini..

Saad Al Jundi says:

This is 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wisam Akily says:

This is 2012!


i was there yesterday night really it was incredible fireworks …..amazing…god bless dubai…. Jai hind ;P happy New year to all….

Wasi Akhtar says:

Why are you cheating _ its 2012. Cheater

koutaiba Issa says:

look at 0:43 sec on the screen they are showing 2012 number not 2013

Gulzar Ahmed says:

very true.but who care about million lives.People think that these activities are more important the human lives.We can spend millions with close eyes on such activities just for fun but we can't for needy people.

Kandappan Kandan says:

this is last year

Jarek Fethke says:

Wrong date, It is from last year.

Ahmed Ibrahim says:

Burj al Arab was better 🙂

MoKoNiCo says:

Hey dude, you should change your video title, you post in 2011 for 2013 ? Did you do a mistake or did you do that on purpose to get more hits in 2012/2013 ? 🙂

John Mark Apitong says:

its 2012…

henning sletta says:

with all the overpayed football players. over 10 million live could be saved from malaria. at least.

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