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Have an eyeful! The Royal Suite of Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s iconic 7-star hotel, is palatial in every sense. (Video by Nilanjana Gupta)

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Bhaviksinh Parmar says:

Hello plz tell me the source or Name of the music you used in video

Gabriel Garcia says:

I bet most billionaires will never pay for that

Aokiji says:

looks boring, i want a personal roller coaster for that price

kwnyupstate says:

A mirror over a rotating bed like you get in any cheap honeymoon motel. Cinema room with 24" flat screen. Leopard print rugs.

gireesh neroth says:

this kind of extravaganza. thank God humans have only five sense organs.otherwise you don't know what he might have yearned for better experiences with an extra sense organ

Mehrin Shaikh says:

If there is no white light in Burj Khalifa reply reply reply reply reply reply reply please reply video maker please reply

bitter to better says:

If you have $1 billion you can stay there for 91 years.. Now forget about that.. Create a new hotel instead..

Mehrin Shaikh says:

Elevator of Burj Khalifa

Mehrin Shaikh says:

In Burj Khalifa no light

Winks says:

I can afford to stay there

If I spend my entire life savings

Tamana Rahimi says:

Wow I wanna go there

toilet brush says:

Looking very close on details shows the bad handcrafted quality.
Nothing have a clean edge. Gold plated decor? Why not solid gold?
Gold plated what? Tin scrap leftover metal from some local workshop? Who knows.
And the TV? Just an ordinary tv inside a cabinet. They would have custom ordered an entertainment system with a sapphire panel or something but the wires are just coming out to the set-top boxes.
This looks just like china 1st tier cities.
Good on the surface but poorly manufactured in a hurry that deteriorates in just a decade

soffia tapia says:

a lot of people everyday dead by hungry and these people spend their money on this things…..

Dr. Tiggy says:

0:22 – "Offers a wonderful, exclusive view of the shithole that is the Middle East/Arabian Peninsula."

JikKoh RoBoCoP says:

☆☆☆L I K E ★★★

sherine says:

It's indeed luxurious but the style doesn't really suit my taste. Even if i can afford it i don't think I'll stay there.

masonwatcher says:

Extremely outdated and beyond nasty – any sensible interior designer couuld have done a better job.

no body says:

How useful is the 24-caret gold? Lame

zzz zzz says:

Tacky. Im sorry. Someone had to say it.

Massimo Branca says:

Il trionfo del pacchiano. Stile Narcos.

diamond s says:

No so special

Strawberry Ice cream says:

It looks straight from the mughal empire and this is 21st century.

Mitchell griffey says:

I wonder how many women are abused in that room in the name Islam

Amelia Hashemi says:

Im in the burj al Arab noe

Steven S says:

Oh God! So TACKY!….Vulgar and garish!

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