A life changing taxi ride from London to Dubai | Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

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http://bit.ly/2pNNTvi These Londoners thought they were having a bad day, but the moment they hailed a taxi from the street, everything changed.

Watch the story of their surprising journey to a world away from their everyday #AWorldAway

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Tariq Binafif says:

Damn, the jealousy is deep in this one .

The Football Kid h says:

At least I live in dubai

kancherla haasini says:

Thank you Atlantis for giving them a beautiful holiday keep it up

Love Lanka says:

i am so impressed but why do u need to bring people free from UK. why it is always UK or US.. anyways they can pay for this trip…. this would have been great if you could have done this from india, pakistan , sri lanka , bangladesh, philipenes who deserv this…… but anyways… its so emotional… as always… love u dubai… simply the best… god bless dubai

BitCoin says:

* this is just pure fake*

Robbie Sharp says:

This is amazing. It's my dream to visit Dubai, Especially the Atlantis Resort. Might have to book for September lol!

Mohammed El WaKeel says:

Y don't people leaving in dubai get this opportunity we are exhausted too from life , work, paying bills don't have time too rest

Aqib Javed says:

great idea and great Advertisement

faisal faisal says:

seems all fake. like movie actors hired.

Ayush Shah says:

Lessons learned:
-sitting in a fake taxi is always good in london always trust fake taxis

Benyemen says:

A very touching and nice one, I live in UAE and it's really wonderful especially the people and I mean the UAE resident who hail from all over the world.
this is one the best YouTube I have seen on a long time.
keep going Dubai

Ibrahim Khalid says:

I live in UAE Any Dhabi , soo I could go to Dubai whenever I want, but it takes 2 hours in car, sooo it is not worth it for me, but IDK for u guys (AUTOCORRECT IS SHIT)

dashing Ak Ak says:

We live in Dubai and Dubai takes from us like fines Feeses penalties just money money no give anything to us

majdq8 says:

Great ad !!! Should do more of this! Good job Atlantis and it really is an amazing place to take your kids to. The dolphin interaction is just amazing … but water is cooled way too much and need a heavier wetsuit next time! But I guess that is done for the health of the dolphins.

Mike Turner says:

What a lovely gift tear in my eye !!!!!

HOLY COW says:

they can easily come visit dubai unlike people from developing countries. i didnt understand the sense of this AD.

Sumaiya Iqbal says:

wow so fake

Clorox Bleach says:

Fancy dubai no one can beat us

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