7D Laser Animal Show at Dubai Mall

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7D Laser Animal Show at Dubai Mall

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Roberto Yeegeh says:

That's not 7D …it's 3D ….go back to school and learn dimensions

Kevin Brown says:

Where can I experience this in the United States?

rupesh chaudhary says:


PRANAV N. says:

How it works…..?……kids are not even excited….or less energetic.

قناة متنوعات says:

كدب علشان الراجل عدة علي الفضائي

Ruben Lunot says:

Holo… Fake

الرفاعي ضاغطكوو says:

واو ما شاء الله

Acc Program Panel says:

Please tell me about softwe

Solar Fizz says:

fake people aren't real

mrobertson188 says:

a 20 million dollar hologram show and there are 4 people to watch it

ijaz hussain says:

WOW Amazing

Toofy Alwatan says:

اريد اعرف هذا في اي موووول

nu-salt laser light shows international says:

this is not a laser

MakoRuu says:

They're not holograms. They're CG models reflected in a mirror based on geospatial telemetry.

The guy even points to the kid "Look over there!" who is clueless as to why he can't see the animals.

layan nosair says:


Justin Greenough says:

They're looking at themselves in a lense. They don't see it before them, only before the image of them. Lame.

Sajjad Ali says:

Ok lovely whao

Moe M. says:

This has nothing to do with laser or Dubai! This video is part of a National Geographic special about augmented reality technology (i.e. Virtual Reality) sponsored and filmed in Seef Mall in Manama, Bahrain. The poster just worded the title to boost the viewer numbers. Pathetic.

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