4×4 Dubai Desert Safari

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Shot in May whilst on Holidays in Dubai. Camera was a Sony Z1 HDV camera shot in 1080i.

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Ataru Moroboshi says:

Sands & skies 🙂

Ridwan Fernini says:

HA!, what is this? they dont even know how to drive

nasmo says:

Check my desert safari video on my page


amazoner0cks says:

what's the name of this song guys? will appreciate ur help…really likes the song.

alin4ik93 says:

That was SOOO much fun! Only our driver did a little better job at taking all the dunes. Would recommend to anyone who likes extreme and doesn't get car sick easily 🙂

Mark Walter says:

When life gives you duabi desert you drive mindlessly through the dunes in a sudan

Aurangzeb Khan says:

same here bro

Arunima Samanta says:

going there after 18 days. can't wait!

Aurangzeb Khan says:

I've tried alot on Shazam & Soundhound app on my phone, no result

Aurangzeb Khan says:

I've been watching this video & listening to this music, everyday of the last one year.
Just can't stop myself, from listening to this majestic music.

Aurangzeb Khan says:

Can any1 plz tell me what this music is ?
I really love the music and the video

Umer Farooq says:


Umer Farooq says:

I went there this March.

It was really an amazing experience! 🙂

Mazi Butt says:

Amazing….Good JOB

Sheikh Hassan says:

I have done this 2 weeks ago wen i was in Dubai. It was insane, awesome.

Qatar 948 says:

it was fun right 🙂

AFGblaze Qur says:

Modern Camels

Hannah Louise says:

I done this last week. Was EPIC!

ProjectE2 says:

Went there at2010 it was nice

Schajya Siddiqui says:

it could make a great car advertisement

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