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Various designs of buildings taller than the tallest building in the world. They include proposed buildings, canceled or visionaries.

Burj Khalifa Dubai Skyscrapers Tallest Buildings Kingdom Tower Nakheel Tower Future Skyscrapers X-Seed 4000



Dashandfuzz Russ says:

Is that Tabuu from SSBB's theme at the beginning?

Lone Song says:


WIN Skyscraper Updates & More! says:

kingdom tower is the only one that actually exists and is actually approved and being built. the others are just visions unfortunately. maybe someday they will come off the blueprints.

KherryvonEric Genaldo says:

Thats not tru

jayasree vanama says:

But no tower can defeat kingdom tower

Eugene DCM says:

4:26 that monstrosity better have some darn good waterslides or something from top to bottom to get down fast if it's built

Timur - Roblox Gameplay! says:

Tower with 1,007 meters is can finished in 2020

X-treme Factory says:

Sepek golkdelen looks like a sack of books

Muhammad Amirul says:

This vid makes me goosebump!

Sabaa3 Al-Esawee says:

The tallest tower in the world in Iraq 1152m

Sakher Al-Majali says:

This is scary

Leopold Slikk VS Tam Kiu says:

Come on, London. Build up that tall

super adil says:

How dare you defeat burj khalifa

hadi purnomo says:

10:31 wtf!? How that twin tower has more that like the wtc 1 and 2

Khyber zaland says:

The tallest building in the world is not X seed 4000 (it is but not build yet it will be in a 100 years) the tallest building right now is Bury Khalifa and sky city (they are making the kindom tower right now but it's not finnished) so the tallest building is sky city it was build right in 2017 but now it's 2018 so the tallest building is kindom tower.

K Singh says:

My Everest is 8843 meters or something

Dead Channel says:

Ultima tower looks like a piece of crap.

Dragon_ boy333 says:

How can japan afford to building about 10 buildings in this list it would about one quintillion dollars

Carolina Olivares Flores says:

WTF!!!!!! OMG!!!!!

putra _ says:

Indon nak buat tu?hahahar…rakyat aja korupsi tambah lagi penduduk dengan gdp percapita masih miskin

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