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10 Of The Best Restaurants In Dubai Updated for 2024

Updated: April 26, 2024

10 Of The Best Restaurants In Dubai

The Middle East has some of the finest and most flavorful cuisine; however, tourism in Dubai has allowed entrepreneurs to invest in exclusive restaurants that offer international cuisine. The modern and international fine dining restaurants of Dubai has put the city on the map when it comes to culinary experiences and Dubai is now much more than the city of skyscrapers and high-end shopping malls. These fine dining restaurants are some of the best in Dubai, offering fine cuisine, stunning views and excellent service.

1. Al Mahara – $230+ per Person

2. Pierchic – $225+ per Person

3. AT.MOSPHERE – $175+ per Person

4. La Petite Maison – $150+ per Person

5. Al Iwan – $150+ per Person

6. Sahn Eddar – $140+ per Person

7. Junsui Restaurant – $130+ per Person

8. Zuma Restaurant – $130+ per Person

9. Eauzone Restaurant – $100+ per Person

10. Zheng He’s Restaurant – $100+ per Person

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