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Here are the top 10 most luxurious and expensive private islands in the world.

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10 Most Expensive Private Islands In The World



Big long Snake says:

ITs your old friend! mr long snake

FRAG128JJ says:

Love the bora bora one. Would love to own it

David says:

Can I get a gin tonic here?

Amanda Birch says:

If it was me I would set up a military base and take over the world

Shashank .K says:

The private jet probably costs more than the island itself…

bootieoligist says:

I will buy my own island one day and invite you for a drink while enjoying the stunning view with our women along

Overlord Gamer! says:

Bean watching since 500 subs. Nice content, keep it up.

Ganja Man [Fresh Weed] says:

My small dick gets soo hard after watching your vids

Zimulinda Zimmy says:

Mr luxury…u are still the best

swarlos99 says:

You don't need to talk about what a private island is for a minute straight at the beginning. Just get into the content

Top Trending says:

When will we see your private island, Mr. Luxury?

Rived Divet says:

You are one of my favourite youtuber s keep up the great work . I also have a video idea , could you make a video about the most expensive houses in the world?

Ajay Kori says:

You are one of the great host out there on YouTube video

Metal Head 420 says:

Fresh water…desalination???…

Der Steppenwolf says:

pure plagiarism… from 2014, you could at least have changed the wording… what a shame:

Todd Toure says:

The 26 Million Dollar Island is a Good Investment, Profitability Exists.

Amir Bermudez says:

Mt.Luxury u get everything right about Caye Chaple in Belize i love it and yes im am from Belize i love ur videos

Paula Grey says:

You sound a little stuffed up-do you have a cold?…if so get well soon…

Shalom Preacher says:

This was an amazing experience for me…who said No man is an Island?

LOL59hahaha says:

Hihihi I remember Fyre

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