Road trip to Hatta Heritage Village, Walk around Sharia Rest Area and Hatta Adventures (Full Tour)

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Hatta Heritage village is a reconstruction of a traditional mountain village located in Hatta, United Arab Emirates.
Now with this change in weather it is best time to visit this place and fall in love with the nature!
Around 134 Kms away it is a perfect getaway on weekends from the busy city life.

Music: Mystic
Musician: Jeff Kaale


sp Chaurasiya says:

Wow..beautiful place to visit…keep sharing more

Mamo Air says:

Hi there, Mamo here, admin of the facebook group "Travel Vlogs". Thanks for posting your video there, keep up the good work. Just subscribed.

Melodist Pawan says:

Incredible place. Nyc one

Samanth Fernandez says:

This place looks cool.. must visit

Irine Dsouza says:

Wow nice place

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