Inside a $60 Million Dubai Mega Mansion! – Palm Jumeirah Island Villa

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Considered one of the largest and currently the largest available villa on the Palm Jumeirah. Just over 60,000 plot size (the entire tip is your private retreat), and 46,000 of luxury indoor square footage.

Featuring over 11 bedrooms, a 16 Seat private cinema, rain shower bathrooms with a two-ton eggshell bath, 4 fireplaces, private basement nightclub, room for 6 luxury cars in your extended garage especially designed for larger luxury cars like Mercedes Maybach and Hummers etc, along with ample room for another 8 cars, 14 cars in total. An extraordinary chef’s kitchen with every fathomable amenity your top chef would need to create masterpieces to serve you and your exclusive guests at the 16 Seat private dining room. A large luxury entertainment Majlis, and the first ever written approval for a boat dock–private jetty on the palm for a private residence.

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Random. says:

Thanks for watching!
$120 Million Private ''Blue Island'' with runway – Bahamas:

Richard Haenisch says:

I'd rather spend $1,000/day and visit then spend 60 Mil for that and live there. :/

Stalini Naufahu says:

The world's most expensive office…

Nassim TERKI says:

Furniture and tables are very very ugly ugly!! Especially this brown table!!

Ime Prezime says:

My dream…

Jolly Roger says:

shit place to buy, a recession coming there you'll get same garbage for 5 mill. Overpriced and tacky.

Fun On Me says:

Just remember that irrespective of how much money these people have, their poo smells just as bad as yours

Soy Una Pelota says:

Como puta llegué acá :v v:

Ifk 1899 says:

Nice home. Great until a fucking Islamist comes knocking on your door to cut your head off.
I would never invest in Arab countries.

myowncomputerstuff says:

The sad part is that so many of these beautiful homes on Palm Jumeirah were purchased before they were build by millionaires, and nobody is living in these homes. Their owners are just holding onto them as assets that will increase in value, especially after the 2020 exhibition in Dubai.

endless Ornob says:


Aaron Green says:

This is HOME!

鶴龜金脈 says:

あめりかん といざらす こども ぜいいん はな あな つば しゃさつ

鶴龜金脈 says:

あめりか ぜいいん はな あな つば しゃさつ

Justin Boro says:

Can u please confirm is it 60 million dollars or 60 million dirham?! Please!!

Marc Anthony says:

1 tsumami vs this mansion

Megan Bailey says:

the plot area is amazing, but i think it would have been better designed inside and out

MrRunt128 says:

It's still Dubai. A place no one wants to visit.

MR.LATRSH-JR Latrsh pro says:

The place is not good because the sea will rise and the $60million are gone

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