Gold shopping in Dubai

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Gold shopping in Dubai. Buying gold is an integral part of Diwali shopping for Indian expatriates living in Dubai. See more at:


Hg Cjg says:

I love is gold

Vedha Prabu says:

Dubai 0ne pounds gold repess tell me

fpineros22 says:

beautiful jewelry. ugly lady with big ass ears.

Huzaifa KHAN says:

25thousand Darham
How many Gram this


Over action of this lady is irritating

Hg Cjg says:

I love gold

Ansil Bismi says:

I like calculatio how to calculate

Wissen ist Macht Wissen ist Macht says:

turkey gold is much cheaper

Angela Bledsoe says:

can I order

Good Vibes says:

6800 U..S dollars…Buying gold in Dubai is a lot cheaper than buying in the U.S.

Jinu Rahena says:

I love gold jewellery

Life Update vlogs says:

Wow it’s awesome

Sheena Khawer says:

Chk out our page to get branded exclusive indian jewellery…in Dubai


My job gold this my new degen

Manisha Thakur says:

do you have unique jewellry

Indian Wedding Jewellery says:

Mahalakshmi design looks good

Viviana Martin says:

Hermoso y yo tan pobre jaja me toca mirar

smart boy says:

25 thousands Dirams or Indian
It's 2mach more

Shipra Jana says:

25 thousand dollars or rupees

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