DUBAI – J W Marriott Marquis Hotel

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In this video:
Driving along the Sheikh Zayed Road E11
2. Inside J W Marriott Marquis Hotel (2:28)
3. Kitchen 6 (4:12)

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shawon chawdhury says:

World's tallest 5★

Markus says:

Keep uploading! I think that you deserve way more views! Why don’t you use smzeus??? It’s a handy tool to help you grow your YouTube following!!!

lorena4mj aj90037 says:

WoW!!!! beautiful Christmas Tree, is this hotel expensive,?


JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Worlds Second Largest Hotel Twin Tower Skyscraper Complex AED 1.8 Billion Complex Features 1,608-Room Marriott International

Robson Rodrigues says:

Humm!! Só coisas boas!

Sofiane Kalai says:

wow hussien its a best city in the world i love it

Janirus Paul says:

Merry Christmas Hussein. That hotel is beautiful. I love the Christmas trees and the chocolate collection there.

Adnan Kamal says:

its a restaurant

Adnan Kamal says:

how much cost per room in one night it costs 500 dirhams

Munawar Bk says:

Beautiful ❤️

Camelia Buagarin says:

Merry Christmas!
Greetings from Bucharest,Romania!

Muhammed Mustafa raza says:

If I want to travel to Dubai, then how much money will not cost, which hotel should not be kept and how much will be spent and said that I should travel in Dubai plz tell

Water Lily says:

Shoutout please ☺️

Parveen Kaur says:

Good morning have a nice day sir ji. Wonderful video

Владимир Граждан says:

У нас такого нет.

Владимир Граждан says:

Хорошии́ шоколад, особенно шоколадныи́ фонтан вообще супер.

Adnan Kamal says:

How's the weather in dubai

Adnan Kamal says:

Wht is the name of music

Adnan Kamal says:

Beautiful hotel and I like chocolate fountain

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