Dubai Creek Tower – the world’s next tallest tower (2018/2019)

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Dubai is set to be home to the world’s next tallest tower – so say hello to Dubai Creek Tower.

Set to take the record of the world’s tallest building, Dubai Creek Tower will be the centrepiece of a brand-new, sprawling residential and retail development – Dubai Creek Harbour.

Ahead of its scheduled opening, this episode of Time Out Quick Guides is dedicated to the tower, and everything you need to know about this new supertall skyscraper, which is set to be more than 1,000 metres tall.


Arvind Gaba says:

Great video guys

NILE T says:

1000 – 1400metres. COOL isn't it :).  Hello Dubai Creek Tower…… waiting to me stunned and amazed.

Adam NOUH says:

First and. Also 1400m

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