Adventure @ 13000 feet above. SKYDIVE DUBAI – The Palm Drop zone -December 2021
My skydive experience at Dubai Marina I love India. I love Dubai. Dubai Adventure. A freefall jump from 13000 feets. It was incredible experience. thanks skydive team. Looking forward for more jumps. #firstskydive #dubaiadventure #skydiving
Bucketlist striked off. fear no more height is no more limits of the sky #skydiving #skydiveindian #skydivedubai
Skydive Dubai Desert (2022) – Alive Boys In december 2021 we travelled to dubai for 10 days. Of course we had to send it in the desert. Enjoy our skydive compilation amigos.
My first ever SkyDive. 1st December 2021 – SkyDive Dubai, The Palm, Dubai. To celebrate turning 50 the same week, I did a tandem SkyDive over the Palm in Dubai ! Absolutely awesome. Big thanks [More]
First time skydiving experience in possibly the most scenic place ! The jump was incredibly exhilarating, blissful, peaceful all at once. If you really want to experience the beauty of Dubai, this one is a [More]
✈️ Skydive Dubai | Skydiving over the Palm Jumeirah! 🌴| 2021 November
Dream come true! Skydive in Dubai at the palm. – Naresh Koduru
Diving in my 30s like this. Skydive Dubai over Palm Jumeirah Dubai is One of the best experiences of my life. Dubai Skydive is one of the most famous adventure place in Dubai which offers [More]
Skydive Tracking Camp at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus
This visit is in March 2019 hope you all like this video please subscribe if you are new to our channel Dubai Vlog part 1 – Founder of Skeleton Dance Crew Instagram► [More]
#Skydivedubai #NHVlogs #MalluYouTubers #TravelVideos It was my big dream & wish among the bucket list, to enroll in the SKYDIVE DUBAI at the view of Palm Jumeirah dubai with the naked Eye, The View from [More]
Яркие активити Дубая для ваших туристов: X Dubai, Skydive и IMG Worlds of Adventure. Как они работают после открытия границ?
Dream Jump Paragliding Without 1 Limb Amazing Experience Fall Down 5 Times And Finally Fly Its Always Look Impossible Till You Start Doing It Every Thing Is Possible If You Have Courage To Step Out [More]
Skydiving over the Palm 27th June 2020
Ticked off this one from top of my bucketlist. This was in 2018 during my birthday. I was defenitely at my happiest. This video is taken from the souvenir video included in the package. The [More]
Decided to end my 2019 with something memorable and something that i’ve never done before! Goodbye 2019. I ❤️ u to the 🌕 and back. Looking forward to 2020 ⭐️.
We did Skydiving in Dubai with Skydive Dubai. Watch this full 4K video to know about price in rupees, Palm, timings & other details. Book SkyDive Dubai on Headout using this link – & [More]
Dubai International Travels & Tours. AMAZNIG Burj Al Arab Helipad Skydive 360p… please view watch online my videos and share it . Thanks
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Sandro Bigozzi in Skydive Dubai Desert Camp track in back fly, Very Amazing Drop Zone 🙂 Thanks to: Matthew Gagne & Gregory Chatroux PLANETRIDERS GROSSETO IDENTITY MULTIMEDIA MOLI-DZONE
Aniruddha Jha, 24 years, First Sky dive. insta – veteran.94 twitter – CaptRANGER
Carol’s skydive over The Palm Jumeirah on the 8th February 2019 with Skydive Dubai.
Skydive Dubai palm island helicopter tour!! Palm Island Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab look amazing from the sky! Get on a helicopter when you visit Dubai to see stunning views of these beautiful landmarks. This [More]
3….2….1….JUMP!!! Aaaaa! SKYDIVING OVER THE PALM in DUBAI – ✔️! Cause, what’s a better way to see Dubai than from the sky?! :::::::::::::: This was my second time skydiving 😱 after the first one I [More]