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Hello Friends
It’s me again Aurora and Auriana here,
We are sharing you this beautiful Vlog of Abu Dhabi’s The Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque .. It was such a wonderful experience. Hope you all will enjoy this video and whish you all visit this outstanding Masjid.

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The largest mosque in Abu Dhabi,Sheikh zayed mosque Wellcome to 55,000 worshippers and visitors every day. The grand mosque located in Abu Dhabi,the capital city of 🇦🇪

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Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the Crown Prince of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is popularly known as Fazza, the name under which he publishes his poetry, and which means “the one who helps” in Arabic.
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Rich lifestyle of Shaikh Hamdan dubai prince….rich money maker of dubai uae
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Shaik Zaid grand Mosque / Abu Dhabi / Naaz lifestyle in Dubai

The Grand Mosque
Abu Dhabi
Big Mosque
The Mosque
Grand Mosque


Dubai Mall Bridge Shaikh Zyed Road To Emirates Shopping Mall

One of the best tourist destination here in UAE

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Shaikh Hamdaan is the richest crown prince ever.
has luxry lifestyle with number of boeings and many sports cars as well.
He bought everything whatever he wished for no matters of the price.

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Sunanda Sharma visit Rich shaikh house in Dubai for Lunch.

Gulf News takes a cultural tour of one of the UAE capital’s most iconic landmarks, the Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. See more at http://gulfnews.com/gntv

This video shows Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque from out side view And from inside the Mosque, Which most beautiful and peaceful place.

We walk you through every corner of the Mosque showing everything thing.

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Moschea zayed di shaikh

shaikh zayed清真寺

Мечеть Шейх-Зайед

Mezquita shaykh zayed

Shaikh zayed mešita


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