How The world Mega structures Building the Burj Al Arab was built in Dubai this is from the Engineering Documentary Reel Truth Science.
Emirates Mall Bridge To Dubai Science Park.raining on the way.
This is vlog part 2 from our Dubai series. Please subscribe and enjoy 🙂 Thank you!! InnyTubeKidz is about 2 children, Inayah and Musa (Brother and sister) who love having fun! This channel is for [More]
Richard Hammond checks out the world’s tallest and most distinctively shaped hotel, the 320-metre-high Burj Al Arab, or Arabian Tower. Rising from its own custom-built island, 300 metres off-shore, the sail-shaped building has already become [More]
Dubai Children’s City is an educational city devoted to children between two and fifteen years old where they can investigate, explore, play, discover, and learn about the world in which we live. The City is [More]