The Hatta Rock Pools are a series of natural pools where it’s possible to swim between the walls of rock crevices. In the deepest waters, swimmers can watch fish in the depths and, at one pool, bathe in a small waterfall. Picnickers can relax on the rock ledges while savoring the tranquility and gorgeous scenery.

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Weg zu den Hatta Pools im Oman (Grenzgebiet VAE – Oman)

Group of friends took a Jeep and an FJ to Hatta for the day!

enjoyong a fresh dip in hatta pools (DUBAI)

Merchants hanging out at the Hatta pools, UAE

Day outing to Hatta Pools in Oman

Dubai / Hatta Pools Track
Vollgass durch Hatta

Drove from Dubai to Hatta Pools across the Oman boarder. Stopped to get some pics with the camels and let Freddy go for a run!

Jake, five years old, no fear.

Offroad drive to Hatta rock pools

Swimming in the Hatta pool

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some great underwater clips of me n the gang exploring one of U.A.E’s most amazing rock caves and pools !

a dip in the natural mineral water ….exhilarating!!!!!…..rejuvenating!!!!!

Hatta Pools, United Arab Emirates.

Off road driving and swimming at Hatta Pools, Oman

It was 50°C and most of the country was indoors. We on the other hand decided to explore the Hatta Pools just outside of Oman. I brought the GoPro along. [More]

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