Al Qudra is a beautiful oasis on the outskirts of Dubai set alongside the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve. We venture through the rolling sand dunes to show you the visual spectacle of its artificial [More]
Al Qudra Lakes are man-made desert oasis that were built to promote eco-tourism in Dubai. It comprises of multiple artificial lakes, surrounded by sand dunes and fauna. The attraction gained popularity in 2015 for its [More]
Al Marmoum desert conservation reserve is located in Dubai UAE, at Al Qudra area. 4 different lakes areas are involved there (Love lake, Flamingo lake, Al Qudra lakes and Expo lake). entrance is free. You [More]
guru nanak darbar only official sikh temple in dubai .
Year 2020 brings so much change.. for the 1st time we spend our Christmas in the desert, camping for 2 nights at Love Lakes.
#Dubai Marina lake#marina lake side#dubai yout#amir Dubai vlogs In this video you can see marina lake side views and marina yout area the walking area of marina lakes hope you will enjoy the area and [More]
Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve (Arabic: محمية المرموم الصحراوية‎)[2] is the first unfenced nature conservation reserve in the United Arab Emirates.[1] It is located in the desert area of Saih Al Salam in the emirate [More]
Excellent camping site wth many small lakes around.Take advantage of the climate right now.Not very populated.
This is Vlog No. 24. I’ve been hearing good stories about this artificial lake in Dubai and after almost 10 years of my living here, I have finally reached the place. It was Friday night [More]