Why Dubai’s Man-Made Islands Are Still Empty?
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The Island Dubai – Lebanon Island, The World Islands Dubai vacation November 22, 2020

A visit to Lebanon – the world Islands in DXB. [More]

The World Islands is an archipelago in the United Arab Emirates and only one of many other magnificent artificial islands created there. And although the idea of man-made islands sounds very modern, the process has a long history. Many thousands of years ago, prehistoric people used to pile hundreds of boulders on lakes or rivers bottoms to create small islands. We do know the purpose of the “chinampas” – Aztec artificial islands for cultivating crops. [More]

The world island is an amazing project to create about 100 islands a few kilometers off the Dubai shoreline, all the environment is crazy Kasi ang bilis ng progress and because daily kong nakikita ang mga islands from a far makikita mo na ang dami na pala nilang nagawa, it is over any imagination..

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Caught this beautiful view of Dubai ❤️

visited palm island , Dubai museum and deira city
and took return flight home

Behind the scenes from shooting site in Portofino Hotel The World Islands Dubai

Based on six islands that bring the best of Europe to Dubai, The Heart of Europe is located 2 miles from the coast of Dubai and will offer up a variety of European cultural, dining, and hospitality experiences across resorts, cafés, bars, boutiques, and entertainment. [More]

Welcome to my VLOG NO. 6 od the series, and now i am getting the feeling that this exciting DUBAI VLOG series is going to end soon. [More]

India in the world i land

Côte D’Azur resort to open on Dubai’s World Islands in Q4 2020

The World or The World Islands is an artificial archipelago of small islands constructed in the shape of a world map, located in the waters of the Persian Gulf, 4.0 kilometres (2.5 mi) off the coast of Dubai,
in this video we are going to knw why this project was a faliure ! [More]

Back in 2003, Dubai announced it was commencing construction of a multibillion-dollar project named “The World”. This man-made archipelago was supposed to consist of islands imitating different countries and containing luxurious tourist resorts and private homes.but today, 17 years later, the project remains incomplete begging the questions, What went wrong? Why? And will they ever finish it? [More]

Enjoy the incredible development of the greatest artificial islands in the world! [More]

Portofino is an exclusive one-of-a-kind five-star deluxe family resort and hotel within the Heart of Europe islands of The World. Family services include a wide variety of quality children’s facilities and childcare options, including outdoor water related entertainment, a variety of lagoon inspired swimming pools and tailor-made clubs for different age groups. Should one wish you can arrive at the resort by yacht as The Portofino will have its own beautiful and fully serviced private marina where visitors and guests can dock their boats and yachts. In total the resort provides 445 amazing suites all graced with sea views and suites on the upper floors will have their own private rooftop plunge pools. Expect floor to ceiling windows, marble floors and the finest of furnishings, fixtures and fittings.
The Portofino sits within The Heart of Europe, is a glittering constellation of 6 islands set against the backdrop of The World Islands, Dubai. Just 30 km to Dubai International airport and 12 km to downtown Dubai. [More]

There was some funny moments behind the scenes on Seahorse villas in The World Islands Dubai

Taking ‘cool’ to a whole ‘nother level: There’s an AED88 MILLION mansion on World Islands Dubai and it features a snow room. [More]

This $24 million dollar mansion has a real snow ❄️️ room… in the middle of the desert!!! 😲 We took a trip out by boat to the island known as Sweden, to see how people will be living out on the World Islands. Thanks to @thehearteurope for showing us around. Everything on this island is self sustaining. This is one of the requirements to build on these islands. Thanks for watching guys! xx

The Most Expensive Private Mansion in an Island “DUBAI” 2020 [More]

The Man-Made World Island Are Still Empty? Watch the Full Videos and let you know! Why No One Lives in Dubai’s Man-Made World Island.
We cannot deny that Dubai is a record-breaker in terms of man-made islands like Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island, Palm Jebel Ali, and The World.
But among these islands, one of them is still empty and inhabited and that is THE WORLD ISLANDS.
The World Islands are an assortment of 300 luxurious man-made islands molded into the ‘countries’ of the world. [More]

Sweden island is one of the six islands of the project “The Heart of Europe” located in the famous islands just 4 km from the coast of Dubai.
Ten stunning villas in the style of Viking ships. The roof of each villa resembles an inverted Viking ship. [More]

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