Flight Simulator 2020 Flies Dubai and the Burj Khalifa in the Icon A5 Enjoy this scenic moring flight around the coast of Dubai featuring the Palm Jumeirah and the only seven star hotel in the word Burj Al Arab.
Smooth mix of aircraft noise and great flying music.

Taking things to a new level, “literally”.
Relaxing Scenes takes to the Skies with MS Flight Simulator 2020 on 08-18-2020. US release date.
Check out the best flight simulator in HD with beautiful music as you travel the world.
If you have a special flight you would like to see, please post in the comments stating the airport of departure and the destination time of day etc. I will try to replicate during the August & September Premiere.
This is a place for sounds and music with HD images for relaxation, entertaining and rest. Each image or video has a theme like Entertaining, Screensaver, Sleep, ASMR, Holiday etc.
“Relaxing Scenes” features HD video and impressive music quality ready for all discerning eyes and ears.
Use your tv or monitor to display creative moving images as artwork for parties and relaxation. [More]

World No. 4 Grigor Dimitrov was flying high over Dubai Marina as he experienced a thrilling ride on the XLine. The Xline flies over land and water at up to 80km/h, and took him from 170m down to ground level.

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