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skydiving over The Palm Jumeirah was awesome! diving with the view of man made island in Dubai United Arab Emirates.
Definitely iโ€™m gonna go back and try it again.

hereโ€™s a few tips before doin skydiving
best place- Dubai
*time- itโ€™s best to go in the morning
*money -ofcourse expensive but worth it
*dedication-overall: no health issues
*maximuum weight limit
*donโ€™t eat before you dive, must have taken very light meal
*expect to feel dizzy after jump lol 😂 *count me in
*expect a lot of waiver to sign up for back to back lol take bout an hour including
*early bird catches the early ride
*dive will depend on the weather , so thereโ€™s a chance that u cannot do it on the scheduled date, rebooking is hard, u must do the dive immediately once u arrived a day or two.
*always try to smile at the camera even if u r feeling scared coz thats what u paid for! lol 😂
thats all folks!
thats all i remember! [More]

Finally mga dhai Irish Love, IrischJane Aclan Razo RN Shenna Segundo Alfornon Ronan Santoyas 😂😂

after 48 yrs, nkalugar nkog edit hahaha 1 ride pa lng to, sunod video npod ang uban rides para thrill 🤣🤣

#wildwadi #dubai #monthsago #finally

Hollywood actor shows no fear as he leaps from the worldโ€™s tallest building in Dubai

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