Burj Royale is a new 52-storey residential tower located in Downtown Dubai developed by Emaar Properties. The luxurious tower of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments is set in a prime spot, by the lavish Old Town district and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard.

Burj Royale is minutes away from everything.
• 5 minutes to Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard
• 5 minutes to Dubai Mall
• 5 minutes to explore the lavish Old Town district, Vida and Manzil Hotels
• 5 minutes to Dubai Opera
• 25 minutes to Dubai Marina
• 20 minutes to Dubai International airport
• 35 minutes to Al Maktoum International Airport [More]

I said VISUALS, once again… Come along with me and explore the UAE. This is a Vlog of the last two days of my Birthday solocation in Dubai..

I’ve added the prices for some activities – I hope this will help with budgeting and deciding on activities

Flying above the Dubai plan Jumeirah island , seeing the world island Atlantais , Dubai Marina &Burj Al Arab up to 500m high with Dji phantom 3 drone Amazing Dubai plan Jumeirah – Dubai plan Jumeirah full coverage Vip Pass for BURJ KhALIFA ! TOUR & VIEW from the 148th floor

The world’s largest and tallest observation wheel at Dubai al lin Dubai (UAE)..

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Burj khalifa – से भी लम्बी बिल्डिंग बन रही है | 😱 Dubai Creek Tower 🔥 #shorts #OGCshorts #ogc

Tanoura Dance Show
Tanoura is an Egyptian folk dance performed by a male dancer. It originated among the Sufis and has become one of the most-loved tourist attractions in Dubai. The word ‘Tanoura’ refers to the weighted skirt that the dancer wears. The performer will spin throughout the dance.

Water dancing show Dubai | world largest fountain in Dubai | habibi | Burj Khalifa |Emaar #shorts
Dubai Burj khalifa | water dancing | beautiful scene | habibi come to dubai

Dubai Burj Al Arab. ASMNISML456

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Duration: 4 min
Number of positions: 1
Location: Landing craft

Dubai Expo 2020 | Dubai Exhibition Center | Dubai Expo Metro Station | दुबई एक्सपो 2020 | Burj Al Arab | Dubai Pavilion | India Pavilion | Saudi Arabia Pavilion | Italy Pavilion | Pakistan Pavilion

Expo 2020 was a World Expo hosted by Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. Originally scheduled for 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021, it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Arab Emirates.

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Bangladesh flag display at Burj khalifa || celebrating New year 2021 at Burj Khalifa dubai. || Flag

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free burj khalifa water show | the dubai mall | aquarium the dubai mall | biggest mall in the world

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