Museum of the future built in Dubai। wonderful building in Dubai। amazing facts।#shorts Museum of the future built in Dubai. it is next generation. it built by men and many computerised machine .there will be [More]
How Built World’s Only One Seven Star Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai | Burj Al Arab Facts | Shorts Video By ZOON TV | Please Subscribe ZOON TV For Facts and Informative Videos in [More]
#Safari #Friends #crazy #Emirats #Dubai #pakistan #Entertainment The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is an 87-square-mile (225-square-kilometer) protected area of Arabian desert; that’s nearly 5 percent of Dubai’s total land area. … Take a slow drive out into the desert to observe the [More]
Hello Everyone, We are continuing with Yusuf’s holiday in Dubai 2019. Yusuf had lots of fun exploring and visiting so many fun places. Today’s day – day 4 (15th March 2019), Yusuf visited KIDZANIA! This [More]
These are the top 5 biggest projects under construction in Dubai and some of them will open as soon as 2019! More information about each project: 1. Meydan One (2020): Location: More information: [More]