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The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (Arabic: جَامِع ٱلشَّيْخ زَايِد ٱلْكَبِيْر‎, romanized: Jāmiʿ Ash-Shaykh Zāyid Al-Kabīr) is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates.[2] The largest mosque in the country, it is the key place of worship for daily, Friday and Eid prayers. During Eid, [More]
Al shindagha is a neighbourhood in the traditional center of the city of dubai in the united arab emirates. Feom 1912 to 1958, the then ruler of dubai, sheikh saeed al maktoum lived in the [More]
Thank you for watching mga kabeauty ❤️❤️ Throwback nalang muna HEHEHE. One of my UAE Memories sayang ng close na ang wild wadi.. #WheninDubai #Wildwadi #BuhayOFW #BeautyForever08 Music: Take it Musician: LiQWYD Music: Lay Down [More]
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modern design the creative decoration of a specific wall in a room can transform the space completely. When you correctly manage the differing factors of light and color you can create something extraordinary. When designing [More]
Al Mamzar Beach Park covers an area of 106 hectares and offers barbecue sites, private chalets for hire, swimming pool, food kiosks, sheltered beach and safe lagoon, a scenic train and many children’s play areas. [More]
Get a Holiday in Dubai. 10 Must Visit Places of Dubai.Top10 List has brought a list of 10 must visit places of Dubai. Dubai’s lure for tourists is based mainly on shopping, but also on [More]
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hello everyone welcome to my channel i few footage scene of Dubai Jumeirah beach it was amazing time spent during this pandemic. perfect gems its so beautiful. visit dubai #CoronaTime #Dubai #JumeirahVillage thank you
All shots are captured in Iphone 11. Ulanzi anamorphic lens also used for best wide angle cinematic feel. #sunset
About this video,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Welcome friends, this video will show you the creativity and adventure of Wild wadi waterpark of dubai. This is the famous park of dubai and here can the very much amazing types [More]
Family fun at this beach park Al Mamzar Beach Park is another one of Dubai’s hidden gems that’s well frequented by residents. The park covers an enormous 106 hectares, adjacent to Mamzar beach near Hamriya [More]
اصالة انس مروة و اصالة | انس و اصاله مع نانسي | رأئيي في المشاهير اليوتيوب انطباعي عنهم .. ؟!! كيف كانوا anasala family I أنس و أصالة Ghaith Marwan غيث مروان LIFE WITH RAGHDA [More]
نارين ـ علي المازيكا | ( 2020 ) Official Music Video – كلمات الأغنية ( lyrics ) . narins beauty – فيديو كليب حصري ( 2020 ) . #نارين_بيوتي #narins_beauty #فيديو_كليب_حصري . #السعودية #سوريا #فلسطين [More]
مقارنة ترندينغ المغرب و المملكة العربية السعودية و كلاش ALI ssamid+Narins beauty نارين علي المازيكا ترندينغ العرب الفيديو يستحق 100 ألف لايك