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Location: https://goo.gl/maps/ULBMpTHdofb42GwK7

Gate Avenue Zone D, 1st Floor, next to the food hall – Trade Centre DIFC – Dubai

Situated at Gate Avenue, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), this modern mosque is a fusion of traditional Islamic architecture and contemporary design. DIFC’s brief to architects RMJM was to design a new vernacular for mosque design in the UAE in the form of a beacon of modern Islamic design.

The mosque, which holds 500 worshippers, makes reference to tradition with a hanging Mashrabiya, a perforated metal screen that filters the light in the daytime and creates an urban lantern at night with light pouring from the building envelope. Traditional mashrabiya are a type of cantilevered balcony encased with a small latticed screen which allows the building occupants to control air flow and temperature while providing privacy. [More]


Creativity, culture, and curiosity. Look closer with us.

About last Saturday at Pet Open Day.. It was a fun day out for the Petwithit team covering the event and making new furrends as well as meeting the lovely pet vendors

Painting collections in Dubai 2022 | Dubai vlog | Al Serkal Avenue @dxb360indian @Azarcaptures

Dubai Classic cars | ALSERKAL Avenue | Nostalgia cars | 2022

APS (Architecture and Photography with Sabre) continues with episode 3.

In this video, I share with you a modern art hub called Alserkal Avenue which situates in Dubai, UAE.

APS is a series where I take you along my journeys of documenting architecture. The purpose of it is to share my experiences; give some advice that can help you; and ultimately inspire you to go out and document buildings. Subscribe to my channel for the next episode!

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Quoz Arts Fest by Alserkal

This edition will be held under the theme ‘Waking Dreams’. Waking dream is a transitional state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep. No, you won’t be able to nap at this fun cultural festival as there will be plenty to see and do.

Good Vibes Market returns with food trucks with plenty of treats to help keep you energised and for those looking to be healthy in the new year, there are outdoor spinning and yoga classes.

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We came across with this gallery n Alserkal Avenue in Dubai which has some vintage cars.

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Credit to : Photo by Brandon from Pexels.

A block of streets lined with warehouses and units converted into galleries, cafes and even fitness centres, this inclusive space offers an annual programme of free events

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Alserkal Art Week returns from 3-13 March 2022 in a celebration of contemporary art focused in Alserkal Avenue cultural district.

Alserkal Avenue is full of contradictions. An industrial space that’s home to the region’s finest contemporary art galleries. A cultural district that boasts some of the most daring business concepts around. A place of carefully curated individual experiences, where everyone is welcome.

Founded in 2007 by Emirati businessman and patron Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Alserkal, Alserkal is renowned for our ground-breaking artistic productions, experimental approach, and for the creation of culturally meaningful spaces that inspire and shape communities. We have three primary areas of activity:
cultivating a creative economy in Dubai and building a collaborative network of civic cultural institutions through our renowned cultural district, Alserkal Avenue;
supporting public artist commissions, residencies, research grants, and educational programs through our non-profit, Alserkal Arts Foundation; and, providing advisory services to public and private sector entities.
Alserkal Avenue is a vibrant cultural district
Alserkal Avenue was established in 2008 by Alserkal following the visionary thinking of our founder Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Alserkal, who sought to cultivate a vibrant creative community and support cultural production in Dubai. Spanning 500,000 sqft in the Al Quoz industrial area of Dubai, Alserkal Avenue is home to a community of over 70 contemporary art galleries, visual and performing arts organizations, designers, home-grown and entrepreneur-led businesses, and community spaces. As one of the region’s foremost destinations for contemporary art, and home to Dubai’s risk-takers, makers, and wide-ranging creative communities, the Avenue provides cultural experiences for local, regional, and international audiences through its extensive year-round programming.
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What are popular Japanese foods?
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Квартал Alserkal Avenue, который возник на месте бывших промышленных складов, сегодня превратился в один из самых быстроразвивающихся культурных комплексов на Ближнем Востоке.

Alserkal Avenue ― важная составляющая культурного облика Дубая. Его история началась в 2008 году, когда на территории промышленных складов разместились первые 20 художественных галерей. Сегодня это огромный район площадью 46 500 кв. м, где сосредоточены галереи, кафе, рестораны, модные шоу-румы и концертные площадки. Именно здесь проходят знаменитая ярмарка Art Dubai и фестиваль Art Nights. [More]

Alserkal Avenue is an industrial compound hosting warehouses in the industrial zone of Al Quoz, in Dubai. The area is an arts and culture district for Dubai with lineup of galleries, facilities and platforms, such as Alserkal Avenue that houses residencies for local and global artists
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Alserkal avenue is an industrial compound hosting warehouses in the industrial zone of Al Quoz in Dubai. The area is an arts and culture district for Dubai with lineup of galleries, facilities and platforms.

This is the Alserkal Avenue segment of DIY Destinations – Dubai & Expo 2020 Special. Located in the industrial zone of Al Quoz, it’s warehouse that house independent galleries and local artists, including Reham Shaheen from Canada, and found of Rania Kanaan, the founder of Chaircycles, which specialized in manufacturing bicycles from recycled parts and donate portion of their profit to refugee children. As

Music by Dizaro: https://soundcloud.com/dizarofr

This video taken in Nostalgia Classic Cars in Al-Quoz Dubai. It is one of the best classic car showroom in Dubai with amazing collections. It has classic vintage cars looks incredible and mind blowing. Models of the card are explained in Tamil. Please provide feedback on the video.

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