Zombie Apocalypse at IMG Worlds of Adventure

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Terror reigned at #IMGworlds as a Zombie Apocalypse consumed the park. Without anywhere to hide, some did not make it out alive…How would YOU survive a hoard of zombies?

تحكم الوحوش ومصاصي الدماء آي إم جي عالم من المغامرات! لا يوجد مكان للإختباء، حيث البعض لم يكونوا قادرين على الهروب… كيف بإمكانكم النجاة من هذه الوحوش!


Emad Perfect says:

Am so upset that they cancelled the following event in this year , u was planned it from month ago , hopefully will gonna be as soon ad possible or next year

lara 786 says:

that's stupid

Khan. Khan says:

that is so fucking creepy

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