Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi Vlog 5th December 2019

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Join us as we visit the incredible Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This amazing park opened in July 2018 and is now dubbed as the world’s largest indoor theme park taking the title from IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai just 60 miles away

This has got to be the worlds best fully indoor theme park and I generally loved this place from it’s amazing theming to its equally amazing rides from the likes of the Justice League, Batman: Knight Flight, Ani-Mayhem and Scooby Doo


Vlog and on ride footage was all filmed in HD 1080p 60fps using a GoPro Hero 6 Black using official accessories


FabulousSir says:

Who needs Disneyland, when we should give Warner Bros World a chance and try?

Attractions Hub says:

Another great Vlog Andy

sean bottas says:

Why in gods name arnt these parks in the uk.!!!!!!!! Seriously its always crap weather and every vlog ive seen from all these parks they are empty. What a complete waste of parks that id pay 60 to get in happily and theyd be busy busy busy theyd make money money money, id have season passes. Theyd bring in tourists instead of our boring shite. Why all the shitty restrictions with our coasters, i mean they all want to live here but id be going home for my entertainment. These parks are like smile machines for a 48 year old kid like me, i mean when would you ever see tgem as empty as this. What is wrong with our stupid country we are so far behind its unreal. They dont even need parks undercover we do. Who in tgere right mind would not go to these. Weve not even got disney france got it. A towers just is not that good anymore and unless they dig bloody deep it never will be, when u look that a ride as old as nemesis is really stil the best thrill coaster tgere, queing times are a joke. I live near thorpe park and its better but again they will never have a giga cos of heathrow. They gotta get these frightnights have been done now and a new coaster is far far far more important. Do a week of fright nights but dont use the real estate youve got that could house a beautiful classic remade flat like the whip yes the whip or an awesome waltzer etc etc. People would rather ride and see these classics than walk through tge same maze tgey walked through last year and pay on top for the privelidge. Whod like to see covered up themed flats at our theme parks please comment. Thorpe will do nothing all year with a ride we all loved to keep a maze weve all done now and in that space we could have an icon plus a whip a waltzer and a beautiful themed ice blast. Am i wrong.????

Dan Roberts says:

As far as I know we are getting a park like that, a paramount pictures park in Kent, in something like 2025 right

Wind Sock says:

Amazing park Andy. Shame it was not built when we last visited happy Christmas to you and lisa.

Alex Carr says:

Real hidden gem this place. It was about 6 months old when we visited in October 2018. We loved the dark rides, especially scooby doo and the best themed zamperla disk'o in the world.

korfball100 says:

Hi Andy & Lisa, Great vlog again,,,,,, the walking is what stops me

Barry Lynch says:

I you can I would appreciate your thoughts on the hotel you stayed at ( think you said it was part of the Hilton group) to consider for our next trip.. No plans to return In 2020 , like you I think I would wait a couple of years then go back at winter time .

Couldnt ThinkOfAName says:

This video is only missing one thing, any research about the park whatsoever
also btw, Scarecrow in Gotham isn't Zamperla, its Moser. (and its not being built, it's being taken down)

graham latter says:

Hi Andy & Lisa, Great vlog again,,,,,, the walking is what stops me doing a lot of parks etc., i feel for your legs & feet lol .sfill you could just float around a pool for an hour ,,,,,Idid at the end of each day ,, Keep them coming mate ,well done .

Barry Lynch says:

Your wearing my Tee-shirt !!! Was not open this past February will have to visit on the next Dubai trip

Luke4Smith says:

amazing place

kkrispy2009 P says:

Another great coaster crazy vlog both , lovely park proper geek out in DC land , i hope you have a great rest over xmas and new year not long till 2020 season , might after last year debrarkical not be going blackpool pleasure open weekend ayt least no riding valhella next year till 2021

craig foy says:

wow all that looked amazing shame its so empty we need stuff like this in the uk really enjoyed watching just like to say i hope u both have a nice christmas

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