Tsitsipas v Hurkacz: Best Shots & Rallies | Dubai 2019

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MATS ontario says:

Tsitsipas already quite manipulative player – in this match took the' toilet' break after loosing the 2nd set to upset Hurkacz's rhythm and yet again 'shoe 'problem when he was about to be broken

Suvantola S says:

He should not punish himself so hard, marseille dubai consecutive play is not a good plan.

vbf says:

This was a closer match than their last encounter

C Boyce says:

Hurkacz’s defence in this match was amazing, very reminiscent of Murray, with a tiny smidge of Djokovic in there, and his ball striking was clean and solid off both wings. A great counter to Tsitsipas’ attacking style, I look forward to seeing more of his game.

MP Tennis - Daily Tennis Videos says:

So you show 4 points, 4 won by Stefanos and not one shot from Hurkacz? Dude played some insane shots too. But I forgot, Hurkacz is just ranked 70, so he is not good to clickbait with..

Rick Lee says:

Tsitsipas is the real deal.
Forget about Djokovic and Nadal. Their expiry date has well, … expired. And in comparison to Tsitsipas, their minds are too fragile… diva-like

Kan Boonmee says:

Tsitsipas will be new gent tennis idol, if he got a hair cut.

Ire GK says:

Tsitsipas the best Greek tennis player of all times!

khutub baag says:

next federer

mmm says:

and why you didnt show any of Hurkacz's shots? he made some crazy ones too

Daniela Machado says:

Tough victory but well deserved! Top ten in sight!☝️

Anuj Jyothykumar says:

That was one awesome match!

Abdullah karim says:

He made me download this video

Wonderlandian says:

1 win away from entering the top 10

caroline Sarali says:

Roger federer is the tennis

D. K. says:

Wow!the energy. And he has played 8 games in a row.


He is going to create history well done tsitsipas

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