The Opening of the Burj Khalifa

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A must watch video for all those interested in the world’s tallest building


indah yani says:

i like dubai…but me never go there…

mohamed sahraoui says:

Bunda alya :::: ♡ me too

Bunda Alya says:

i love dubai,,,now im living in dubai…..

muhammad syarif alwan says:

civil engineering is my choice..

Hasan C. Yapıcı says:

Living proof that Engineering is cooler than Science.

Ghostinee says:

it took 37+ B!!! how rich… I traveld therr anyway seriously you should see I in real.

Raven k says:

isn't that the building in the movie
mission impossible?

praise abrahams says:

i just love Dubai, Dubai you are the ' bestest '

Typhones says:

I like it 🙂

Trolls News says:

1:10 "surpassing the height barrier was just one part of the challenge"
I'm guessing the other part was not to shit yourself while being on top (at least that would be challenging for me)

Dominik Boniecki says:

Sean Connery is narrator.

xMunchers says:

The stupidity you're exhibiting is absolutely phenomenal. You don't even have the slightest idea how much money is required to solve poverty. If it were merely as expensive as this building then poverty would have been eliminated long before you were born.

Unknnnnn says:

Yet you are typing this message on a computer that you bought for the money that could feed 50 starving children. (If you are a homeless person using internet in a public place I apologise: 1 starving child).

sulayman360 says:

you are right, definately

Furkan Taş says:

First Comment This is Holly Shit

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