Tara Emad 2011

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Me and what’s been going on in 2011
Thank you to:
My mom,
my agents Youssef Spahi “Face to Face” and Billie Mobayed “LMM”,
photographers, designers, stylists, make up and hair artists, directors, reporters
and all friends who made it possible
that this eventful year was so great for me!!!


Ayad Hassan says:

Ilove you so muth

حسن الخالدي says:

الله يرزقني بالزوواج بها .. وبنتظر وبنتظر

freedom first says:

Your the best Tara I would love to see you oh my god your so cute

soliman285 says:

U R simply gorgeous ..:):)

Davikhail says:

MIrACle <3 ……..:D

Ahmed alkilanei says:

2:51 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 love you taaara :*

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