Global Village Dubai combines Cultures of 90 countries across the world at one place.It combines with multi cultural and entertainment place in dubai. [More]

We went to Dubai during the first week of Dec 2019 for 5 days. This is the trailer of our stay there showcasing all the destinations we have covered like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Desert Safari, Dhau Cruze, Gold Shook, Miracle Garden, Global Village and few more. [More]

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Hatta Heritage Village is near Hatta Dam and Hatta Getaway. It is 150 Km from Dubai city and the road is covered with beautiful hills and attractions. For family picnic and for learning about heritage of locals of hatta this place is best. You will found old defence wepone and forts history in display. Dubai municipality maintain this place very well.
In this sketch I used different types of pencils like 2H,HB, 2B,4B,5B,6B and 7B pencil. Eraser scale one photocopy of sketch’s pic for easy work. I used A5 Paper for sketch. Source light like lamp etc. For sketch need practice it’s easy work who love with that work. Thank you for your cooperation everybody stay with us for new videos.

The old village of Hatta consists of around 25 houses, a mosque and a fort, built in 1896. The fort is dominating the village with its two watchtowers located on the strategic location that facilitates a view to the area around. The Juma mosque, built in 1780, is a reflection of traditional architecture, based on rectilinear simple plan and using local materials of mud and palm fronds. [More]

I visited Global village on 31 December 2019. for celebrating New year with my Friends and record these videos……!!!!!!!!

Full video for global village fire work

It is my 3rd Global Village and first time for Bulastog! Unplanned trip #dxb #dubai2019 #katevalesadventures

Highlights of Global Village 2020. Location: Dubai. United Arab Emirates [More]

Who needs to travel the world when you can visit 75 countries in one day? [More]

Hatta Heritage Village, A Tourist Attraction Of Dubai

Hatta Heritage Village, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hatta Heritage Village, Dubai, United Arab Emirates,

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Sahari Village Dubai – Hyatt Hotels Accomodation

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