Dubai, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah, U.A.E: The video shows the beautiful public beach next to Burj Al Arab. Nice, clean beach with really crisp waves.

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Dubai, U.A.E – The video shows the Dolphin and Seal show at Dubai Dolphinarium at Creek Side Children’s Park. Magic program, Pirates of the Dolphinarium, is also part of the show. Costs around 120 DHM($40) and show runs for over an hour and is loved by children. Video shot by GoPro 3.

Dubai, U.A.E: The video shows the footage of the beautiful and majestic Mall of Emirates. The mall has lot of character and social feel to it, expressed through amazing architecture. All the world’s renowned brand can be found here.
Music Creative Commons License: Golden Opportunity by Michael Bartels

Dubai, U.A.E – The video captures the scenes from Dubai Dhow Cruise on Dubai Creek. Interesting to witness the traditional way of sailing, shipping, and boat riding still prevalent and very much part of Dubai business. This hour long ride is pleasurable with beautiful scenes all around and a must do while in the country. Night tour is beautiful as well and usually accompanies dinner and belly dancing.
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Dubai, U.A.E – Video shows the beautiful Dubai Creek Park Childeren City. The park hosts the extremely popular Dolphinarium as well. Frequented mostly by families on lazy weekend afternoons.
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